Can You Decorate Your Mailbox?

Can I put a sticker on my mailbox?

It’s OK to put a sticker on a post or pole — but not directly on the mailbox, Roy says.

Cole says that If anyone wants help in removing a sticker the newspaper will oblige.

As long as you’re reading the paper!.

Is it OK to put outgoing mail in your mailbox?

Should You Send Outgoing Mail from Your Mailbox? Briefly, no. If you are sending checks, bill payments, or anything with sensitive information that can be used for identity theft, we always recommend bringing it to a blue USPS collection mailbox or directly to the post office.

Why is there a green sticker on my mailbox?

“It helps the carrier identify the type of subscription to the correct subscriber under dark conditions,” Johnson said. “Not all customers have their address on the mailbox adjoining, so this helps.”

How do you make Christmas mailbox decorations?

Christmas Mailbox DecoratingStep One: Create Base. Create a base for your swag by forming a piece of chicken wire around your mailbox. … Step Two: Fill In Swag. … Step Three: Attach Long Pieces. … Step Four: Put a Bow on It. … Step Five: Add Ornaments. … Step Six: Attach to Mailbox.

What color can I paint my mailbox?

The mailbox may be any color. The carrier signal flag can be any color except any shade of green, brown, white, yellow or blue. The preferred flag color is fluorescent orange. Also, the flag color must present a clear contrast with predominant color of the mailbox.

How do you decorate a brick mailbox for Christmas?

Tips for Decorating a Brick Mailbox for Christmas: When decorating a large brick mailbox, you’ll need a paddle of wire. Use silver wire for white or a light-colored mailbox. Use green wire if your mailbox is red brick or darker in color. You’ll create your mailbox swag using garland and/or greenery.

Can I put a note in my neighbor’s mailbox?

It’s not quite common knowledge, however, that it’s illegal to place a letter in a mailbox without proper postage—and yep, that goes for dropping off a party invitation over at the neighbor’s house. Even more surprising: The postal service is actually trying to enforce the rule.

Why is there a paw sticker on my mailbox?

The paw prints serve as a warning to letter carriers about the potential of a dog confrontation in the area. A yellow sticker indicates a dog resides at the next delivery address. An orange sticker means a dog resides at that address. Home owners will receive a note when a sticker is placed on their mailbox.

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