Quick Answer: Does Metro North Go To Hartford?

How long is a train ride from New York to Connecticut?

2 hours 43 minutesNew York City to New Haven, CT Train InformationAvg.

Train Duration:2 hours 43 minutesTrains depart from:New York CityTrains arrive in:New Haven, CTDistance:70 miTrain Companies:Amtrak1 more row.

Does Amtrak go to Hartford CT?

Hartford (HFD) Amtrak Station Regional Route offers downtown-to-downtown service along the Northeast Corridor from Boston to Newport News, VA, with many departures every day. … Major stops include New Haven and Hartford, CT; Springfield, MA; and St. Albans, VT. Duration of full trip is 14 hours.

Is there a train that goes to Connecticut?

Amtrak Acela connects 2 cities and towns within Connecticut. It also has trains to Connecticut from 11 cities in other states.

Where do you catch the Metro North?

METRO-NORTH RAILROAD Metro-North runs service between Grand Central Terminal in New York City and its northern suburbs in New York and Connecticut.

How much is a train ticket from New York to Connecticut?

The best way to get from New York to Connecticut is to train which takes 1h 41m and costs $14 – $70.

How much is a bus ticket to Connecticut?

A single-fare pass costs $1.75 and an all-day pass costs $3.50, both of which are sold onboard the bus.

How do you buy Metro North tickets?

Download the free MTA eTix app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and set up an account before you travel. Buy your mobile ticket in advance of travel. You can find purchased tickets in your Ticket Wallet. Activate your ticket before you board your train.

Does Metro North go to New Haven CT?

Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line runs from New Haven, Connecticut, southwest to Mount Vernon, New York. There it joins the Harlem Line, where trains continue south to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. … Amtrak’s Northeast Regional and Acela Express use the line between New Rochelle, New York and New Haven.

Does Metro North go to Hartford CT?

New Haven Line (operated by Metro North) All CTrail Hartford Line trains serve New Haven Union Station where customers can connect with the New Haven Line. … For your return trip, customers can purchase both New Haven Line and Hartford Line tickets at Metro-North TVMs to avoid a surcharge for purchasing onboard.